How to Win Penny Auctions

If you're new to, the auctions can seem overwhelming and difficult to win. Below we will outline specific strategies, tips, and tricks that will help you walk away as a winner at and other penny auctions.

Create a good username

At and other auction sites, you have the option to create your own username. Take advantage of this! Many users have proven they can gain a competitive advantage based on the type of username they choose. There are generally two types of effective usernames:

(1) Tricky Names: these usernames are meant to deceive other users. Examples include "Auction_Over", "Bidding has Ended", or "Closed" etc. Even if other bidders can see past this trickery, it can still show the other bidders you know what you're doing, and can be intimidating. This leads to our second effective type of username:

(2) Scary Names: these usernames are meant to intimidate other users. Examples include "YouWillNotWin", "I_Never_Stop", or "ForeverBids" etc. If you can make other bidders feel uncomfortable, you can increase you chances of winning. However, don't be offensive because you might risk being banned from the site.

Study the Auctions Before you Bid

Before you start bidding on an item, it's a good idea to take note of the other bidders. Do any of these bidders seem familiar? If they do, perhaps these are more determined and seasoned bidders and you should start bidding on a different item. These bidders may also have a large amount of bids to expend. It can also be helpful to physically write down the names of the bidders and then return to the site a few hours later to see which bidders are still active. These strategies can help you identify the more determined bidders. Avoid them if you can!

Aggressive Bid Strategy

After studying our own historical bid data at, it has shown that bidders who bid aggressively win the most auctions. For example, when the auction clock has less than 10 seconds remaining and a new bid is placed, the clock will reset to 10 seconds. Whether the new bid was placed with 9 seconds remaining or with 1 second remaining, the clock will still reset to 10 seconds. So in order to bid aggressively, you want to bid as soon as you've lost the lead in the auction. This way you can get in your opponents' heads and make them think you have a lot of bids and you are determined to win the item.

Now you can take these tips and put them to good use in the auctions! Good luck!