• Why does Biddybomb cost money to place a bid on an auction?

    Biddybomb is structured around the 'pay-to-participate' model. Each bid comes at a cost. But once you have purchased bids, you can participate in any of the auctions.

  • Is Biddybomb considered gambling?

    No. Unless you are geographically located in one the states the permits online gambling, online gambling is illegal. Biddybomb does not engage in this kind of activity.

    Gambling relies on a degree of randomness for someone to win. At Biddybomb, all the auctions are driven by the users. Thus, there is no degree of randomness.

  • I just spent bids in an auction and didn't win. Can I retrieve those used bids?

    According to the Terms & Conditions, bids used in an auction are non-refundable.

  • Does Biddybomb have any bots or shill bidders?

    No. Biddybomb does not use any bots or shill bidders. Using any such devices goes against our company policy.